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Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl photos

“I feel like a symphony conductor, taking all the talents of this incredible community and making them work in concert. With that amazing resource, there aren’t any problems our residents can’t solve.”   -Mayor Tisdahl

Rebuilding Neighborhoods - One Home at a Time

Mayor Tisdahl, with a team of city staff, aldermen and Illinois lawmakers, worked hard to win the federal government’s $18.15 million Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2 grant for Evanston. One component of the project is to rehab 100 foreclosed or abandoned houses, transforming them into affordable housing for low and moderate and middle-income households.

Another aim of the program is to put Evanstonians to work. The city planned to award 25 percent of subcontracts to minority-owned, woman-owned, or Evanston-based businesses. But in Evanston, NSP2 has exceeded that goal. Thirty-three percent of the contracts have gone to minority-owned businesses, 46% to woman-owned businesses, and 78% have gone to Evanston-based businesses.

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin thinks Evanston’s progress is a model for other cities. “I wish I could bring some of my senate colleagues who go on the senate floor everyday and say the president’s stimulus was a failure,” Durbin said at an open house of one of Evanston’s NSP2 properties. “Thats what the stimulus was all about,” he added. “Come to Evanston, Illinois, if you want to see how it works.”

State of the City Address

On Friday, March 2, 2012 Evanston Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl gave her third annual State of the City Address. The Mayor highlighted many of the successes and challenges that the city has faced over the past year along with highlighting some of her goals for the following year.

“Evanston made great strides in 2011 as we focused on increasing economic activity, bringing greater opportunity and activities to our youth, and keeping Evanston residents safe and healthy, all while managing our finances responsibly. My thanks to the members of the City Council, City staff and our residents for working together to make all of these accomplishments possible,” said Evanston Mayor Elizabeth B. Tisdahl.

Download a PDF of Mayor Tisdahl’s 2012 State of the City Address >


Economic Development


diversity The Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2 stimulus funds have helped maintain Evanston’s diversity by increasing affordable housing, employment, and economic development.

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diversity Mayor Tisdahl has made Economic Development priority number one. Under her leadership, the City Council and City Staff are actively seeking opportunities to bring new business to Evanston.

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diversity Winner of the 2011 US Conference of Mayors’ Award for Sustainabilty, Mayor Tisdahl works to implement the Evanston Climate Action Plan and incorporate sustainability into city operations, practices and policies.

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